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Neck Cyst

There are 2 groups of neck cysts:

-Median cysts
-Lateral cysts

Clinical examination and ultrasound data help us to establish the diagnosis and make the cyst classification.

A CT-scan might be necessary as well. When the cyst is removed, it`s systematically given to histological examination.


- Lingual epidermoid cysts: can be followed by an infection.

- A thyroglossal duct cyst: it develops from the ectopic embryological elements, which participated in thyroid gland formation and progressively  migrated from the tongue base through trachea. Sometimes the migration might stop and that is why a thyroid gland ultrasound is necessary – we might find the thyroid gland abscence. In fact, the thyroid gland is dislocated to the tongue base and sometimes lower, in the area of the hyoid bone, imitating a cyst.

- Lingual epidermoid cysts: can be followed by an infection.

- Surgery is done under general anesthesia with a central incision on the level of the cyst. The hyoid bone will be dissected without entailing swallowing difficulty.

The surgery takes less than 1 hour. There is no need to put a drain.


- Pre-Auricular cysts.

- Tonsillar cysts: the name of the cyst speaks for itself; it`s connected with a tonsil by embryological relics.

It can imitate lymphadenopathy.

- Cysts and fistulas located in the area of the tongue base.

It takes a firm knowledge of this particular zone of the human body anatomy to understand the connection of all the upper-mentioned elements.