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The cavity of the middle ear is an air-filled space, and just like other ENT-organs it needs to «breath».

Connecting the middle ear and the nose cavities, the eustachian tube is responsible for a proper aeration. It makes the pressure in the middle ear equal with the air pressure outside the body.

The regulation of ventilation can be disturbed by such mechanical phenomena as adenoids hypertrophy and chronic inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory passages associated with bacterial infections (tonsillitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute otitis etc).

Liquid behind the tympanic membrane can be a reason of many complications such as recurring otitis and delayed language development in childhood. In the long term chronic complications can develop - tympanic membrane perforation, ossicular chain destruction, cholesteatoma.

In case of the otitis media with drug resistance, we must perform a simple procedure – install a trans-tympanic drain.